Parlons (Let's Talk)      O/C    12 x 18     $800.00     
Blanchette lives in the foothills of the Southern French Alps.   High and mighty ground for a cow with attitude.            SOLD
In the Garden     O/C    8 x 10     $350.00    
The view from my studio window.
Snow Day on Stonewall Hill

Oil on Linen board  18 x 24      $1,000.00
School's out.
Heavy snowfall...rare in Lexington
Neighborhood kids gather
Inner tubes..colorful plastic shapes
slip down Stonewall hill.
Cold crisp blue snow
Sun's warming glow
Pink cheeks
Frosty breath
"Don't slide into the creek!"
Treasured days of childhood.
Blanchette et Clementine- Chichilanne, France
O/C     12 x18              $800.00     
Greetings between friends.  Friends on the high slopes of the Alps of Provence.
Mon Galerie:     O/C    10 x 16     $480.00   
A Gallery to die for tucked into the limestone cliffs of the ancient village of    Contignac, France.
Red Ribbons   oil on Linen board  10 x 16      $475.00

Red ribbons, red ribbons                      Sweet her caresses          
Adorn her red hair                                But lover take care
All that she touches                              For she'll vanish at midnight 
Blooms fragrant and fair                       In dewy veiled air 

Marigolds on Market Day
Rouen, France  $600.00

Oil on Linen board  16 x 12       

The Rouen market bubbles forth at first dawn. Refrigerated trucks, miraculously, like robotron toys, transfer into selling- stall configurations, displaying everything from fresh caught fish to farmers’ cheeses, seasonal fruit to garden flowers; all staged like elaborate still life paintings. With woven market bags and baskets over arms, neighbors greet neighbors with cheek to cheek kisses. Keen eyes search for perfect specimens for fabled French cuisine. While Rod garners a picnic- a little Normandy cheese, some fresh fruit, crusty rustic bread, a bottle of local cidre, I find a cozy café table, a café au lait.  Sketch book and camera at hand, I watch the dance of colors and cast of characters performing “our summer in France”.


Annot, France:  Chemin de Fer
Alps of Provence   16 x 12    $750.00

Our first night in Annot seemed like a mistake.  Except for the motherly French couple who escorted us two wet bewildered travelers to our hotel, our romantic adventure of catching the tiny cog rail train into remote Provencal Alps came crashing into reality in the dark deserted village of Annot.  Even our hotel dining room was closed for the evening.  We chose not to have pizza at the flashing neon but opted for the only other open restaurant in town.  Looking through windows from the chilly dampness outside, the cozy salle de manger twinkled with candle flame, lighting the warm yellow tablecloths.  The menu, however, was Moroccan; alien food for two Kentuckians.  No meatloaf and mashed potatoes here.  I will usually eat most anything as long as it doesn't resemble too closely the live animal.  There were four courses with no choices; all saucy, fishy, served with cous cous; expensive food, hard to savor.
We chose Annot because it was the central village on the Ligne des Pignes, the petit train that links the alpine villages to the Mediterranean.  Our plan was to visit each village on the line from our convenient location of Annot.  Walking back to our hotel in the cold rain, the mountains hulking around us seemed ominous, dreadful.  Our room, even, was dark and spare; a terrible start to our much anticipated excursion.
We woke up to our dream.  The sky was electric blue, floating enormous pink, white clouds across mountains that looked as though they were sculpted from obsidian.  What had been black and dreary was now shining rich with purple, blue and orange.  The trees sparkled in the sunshine, still wet from their long luxurious bath.
Gathering of Tomatoes and Black Eyed Susans    Oil on Linen board  10 x 16     $675.00 SOLD
Black eyed Susans are the most joyous flower.  I have a daughter who is a black eyed Susan.  Actually Susie's eyes are amber when you observe her closely, but from a distance her eyes are deep and expressive like her personality.  It is gratifying to look deeper into people and nature.  As a painter, I'm attracted to contrasts which on the surface are beautiful.   With closer examination there is truth, more profound to be discovered.  Painting is not just about line, shape, value, color and composition.  Painting is also about seeing deeper; becoming passionate about what you see; appreciating the wonder of it All.              SOLD

Cabbage, Carrot, Carrot, Rose   Oil on Canvas  12 x  24    $750.00
I threw vegetables and flowers from the farmer's market on a table and asked my students to make a composition out of chaos.  This was my demonstration painting.  I am very fond of the result.  I named it in playful reference to my favorite painting of Sargent: "Carnation Lily, Lily, Rose".  Sargent's painting was of two little girls lighting Japanese lanterns in a garden.  The garden flowers are not the true subject of the painting, as the vegetables aren't the subject of my painting.  I intended my focus to be light moving across intriguing shapes of color.
Rose Reflections
O/C    11 x 14              $475.00
Fleeting Summer Roses
Still lovely in the reflections of afterthought. 
Hydrangeas in a Chinese Pot
O/C    12 x 16              $600.00  
Light radiates around golden globes of orange,  the first blooms of the gnarled hydrangea send greetings from china blue.  It's the contrasts that enrich life.  The dark times, the blue times make the bright times golden.

Lunch Time Kisses       Oil on canvas   18 x 24              $1000.00
The animals at Shakertown are used to lots of affection from visitors to the farm.  This shire, when she isn't working, expects attention.  She offers her nose for a scratch and maybe a kiss.  In Kentucky, painting the lush green is a challenge as well as a pleasure.  When the sun shines on the leaves, grass, or hay, the color can be lemony or orange.  Those same greens in the shade can range from vividian to purple.  No place in Kentucky is more verdant and peaceful than Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. 
Bicycle Path to Giverny    Oil on Canvas    12 x 16                 $675.00  
The train stops in Vernon, France.  From there, it is a two and a half mile walk to Monet's pink house in Giverny.  As I walk along the path, I can see glimpses of the Seine meandering its loopy route to the Sea.  Monet has often walked this sentier looking for places to set up his easel.  I am doing the same.  I can imagine that this is the exact spot where Monet painted Blanche Horchede dressed in her white gown and straw bonnet, that this is the very grass grove where Sargent painted Monet engrossed in his own work.  Cezanne travelled this path, as did Pizzarro, Sisley and my American heroes before me--Frieseke, Robinson, Rose, Wendell, Homer and Hassam.
Jewels of the Earth  
O/C    11 x 14     $475.00
Parc Floral de Haute Bretagne
Le Chatellier, France   
O/C    10 x 16   $475.00
Covered in Poppies  Savigny en Veron, France
      Oil on canvas   16 x 20              $750.00                                     SOLD
This is wine country but many of the old family farms are no longer worked by the younger generation, which would be sad except for the poppies.  The poppies quickly move in the fallow fields. Individually they are delicate; paper thin, but together make a joyous invasion.

Additional Paintings

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